Event Day Information 2nd December 2018

Dear Runner,

We hope that you’re raring to go to take on this beautiful and challenging run, whether it be the Santa Dash, or 5 or 10-mile Bumble Bimble course, you’re in for a treat! We’ve been busy behind the scenes to ensure that you and your family have a fantastic day on 2nd December. Fingers crossed for some lovely weather so we can all relax and enjoy the beautiful Worcestershire countryside with our family and friends after this challenging run.

The route will be marked out, and there will be running marshals and tail runners for each distance.  There will be extra marshals on the Santa Dash at the 2 road crossing points.

Santa Dash

New for Winter 2018 we have the Santa Dash! Run 2.5 Kilometres of the Bumble Bimble route dressed as Santa!  Entry includes your Santa costume and your finishers medal.  All ages welcome, families are encouraged to run together, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4803124.html

5 mile route

10 mile route

Please familiarise yourself with the route, it pretty much follows main public footpaths, any direction charge will be indicated on the route.

Some final points before the big day on 2nd December:
1. We have changed how we record times on the Bumble Bimble, this is to avoid bottle necks at the gates and stiles at the start of the run. We will be staggering the start, runners will be set off every few seconds. If you usually run with your friends, just make sure you group together at the start and you can easily catch each other up. If you’re planning on finishing first or at the front of the pack then please position yourself close to the front and let the time keeper know.

2. Both runs are mainly on public footpaths, and are to be respectfully shared with other users.

3. Trail shoes are recommended, although not essential, when we get wet weather parts of the route can get muddy and slippery.

4. You may wish to wear long running socks or full-length leggings to protect your legs, both routes have parts where there are nettles/brambles.

5. The start and finish of the Santa Dash and the 2 Bumble Bimble runs is the Park Gate Inn, Kidderminster Road, Bromsgrove, B61 9AJ

6. If you’re able to lift share please do, however we have access to an overflow car park.

7. Your number and t shirt (if you’ve ordered one) or Santa Suit is you’re in the Santa Dash will be available for collection from the Park Gate Inn from the day before the event.  Once they’re ready for collection, we will notify all runners. If you are able to collect in advance of 2nd December this will help with the rush on the morning of the run.

8. The facilities will be available at the Park Gate from 9 am and soft drinks will also be available for runners and supporters from 9 am.

9. Registration is from 8:30am for the Santa Dash, which starts at 9:15.  10 am for the 10-mile course and 10.40 am for the 5 mile course. If you have to collect your number on the day, please wait till your designated registration time.

10. The Santa Dash starts at 9:15 (route attached)

11. The 10 mile run starts at 10:30 (route attached)

12. The 5 mile run starts at 11:00 (route attached)

13. Bumble Bimble runners, please carry a mobile phone or run with someone that has a mobile with them

14. If you get into any difficulty during the run please call us on 07969484953.

15. There will be marshals at key points throughout each course as well as running marshals and the route will be signposted with red arrows and tape.

16. For the Bumble Bimble there are 2 water stations, 1st at the top of Nuttells Wood on Woodcote Lane approx. half-way point for 5 mile route (if you’re doing the 5 mile route this will be your only water station) and second at the Pepper Wood carpark (the 10 mile course passes this point twice). If you are able to bring a refillable bottle please get a refill rather than uses a cup to help reduce waste.

17. There is likely to be livestock along the way, please be respectful to the animals and the countryside

18. The marshals will have rubbish bags, please put empty cups in the bin bags or take them with you.

19. If you’re planning on having sweets or gels on the run, please take ALL your litter with you or deposit in bin bags supplied.

20. When running through the crop fields you must run single file sticking to the footpath so not to disturb the crops.

21. Please watch your footing, particularly through the woods, parts of the course are very uneven and due to the recent storms some large branches have fallen across some of the paths. There are also plenty of stiles and wooden bridges, these will also be slippery, so be extra careful.

22. There are a couple of road crossings and a section along a road for the 10-mile course, PLEASE DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING ALONG THE ROAD, this is a very quiet area, but there could still be traffic, so do watch out for cars, and give your fellow runners a shout to warn them (“CAR!” will do.)

23. At the end of the run you will be presented with your Bumble Bimble medal, designed exclusively for this event by local artist Marnie Makes, and an egg ticket. There is one box of eggs per runner and volunteer, supplied by Bumble Hole Foods, you will need to exchange your ticket for your box of eggs.

24. The Salt and Pepper Pig Company will be serving food, pig roast, vegetarian chilli and jacket potatoes from 11:30 for runners and supporters.

25. The will be a tables selling sweets and squishies and bouncy castles/slides are available all day.

26. Prize giving will commence once all the runners have completed the course. Prizes will be given for first male and female for each distance and junior to be announced on the day.

27. Any questions, please contact us via Facebook page or through the website

Happy trails! Team Bumble Bimble